Social Media Marketing Tampa


 Why Social Media Marketing Works

If you are a business, small or large, looking to increase your marketing exposure, then Facebook marketing is an essential tool to add to your arsenal. Social Media Marketing can make an excellent marketing tool, especially if you are trying to “Take Your Business To The NEXT Level”. When done correctly,  Social Media Marketing can be extremely effective.

A study from Utpal Dholakia and Emily Durham of Rice University was published in the March 2011 issue of the Harvard Business Review and discusses just how effective this type of marketing can be. The studies shows what we already know to be true- that companies that use Facebook fan pages to market themselves to their customers greatly increase their sales through word of mouth marketing. It will also help to increase customer loyalty


Facebook marketing can lead to more sales, increased visits by customers, increased customer loyalty and brand recognition. Facebook marketing is very cost-effective as they are virtually free to set up (unless you hire a professional to help with the process). Facebook is free to use and it doesn't cost anything for your fans to sign up. One reason it is so effective is that it connects you directly with the customer. According to a 2009 Nielsen survey of over 25,000 consumers from over 50 countries, "90% of online consumers trust people they know, while 70% trust consumer opinions posted online."


These figures show you that there is a large increase in customer choice when it comes to them making the decision to purchase a product or use a service. When you communicate with customers via Facebook, and those happy customers "like" your posts or deals and join your fan page, it increases the perceived value of your company. The more people join and like a fan page, the more it can catch on and other people will like it as well. 


Facebook marketing is not just another trend that's going to pass by when something new comes along. Facebook is growing at an alarming rate. People are also now able to connect from a variety of methods and devices such as cell phones and even video game console systems and smart TVs. People are updating their statuses, checking in on friends, posting messages and even checking out businesses and companies they wish to support using the features on Facebook. 


Facebook marketing works because people like it. It's quick and easy to use and people of all ages and technology levels can figure it out. Will your business be available on Facebook or are you missing out on valuable opportunities? Fackbook Fan Pages are quick and easy and professional looking avenue to increase visibility and Sales while branding and creating loyal customers. It's time to take advantage of the power of social media marketing today.